We believe that people learn best from people and that if you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and model them. We deliver on this shared belief through our Mentor Mastermind, Mentor Program and content and look forward to welcoming you.

Who you spend time with is who you become.


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At The Mentor List, we believe that people learn best from other people; we can inherit their wisdom and knowledge, and in turn, benefit from their experiences.

The first step on your way to success is to identify the results you want to achieve and open yourself up to learning from those whose accomplishments inspire you.

We imagine a time when everyone is connected to the people, resources and insights they need in order to realise their full potential. For this reason, everything we do is designed to connect individuals to the proven strategies and insights of those who have successfully navigated the path before them.

By identifying the achievements of others, you are on track to empowering your own success. At The Mentor List we deliver on this shared belief through our Mentor Mastermind Groups, Mentor Program and content, and we look forward to welcoming you.

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THE ULTIMATE PEER GROUP - We are now taking applications for our next Melbourne Mastermind Groups commencing in 2019.


TALENT & EXECUTIVE PROGRAM - Apply to be Mentored through our structured Mentor Program.


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An experience like nothing else with the ultimate peer group
— Master Mind Attendee
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