How to jump-start your future

Any journey has a starting point, a route and a destination. Your personal journey is no different. If you don’t have a clear idea of where you want to be, how will you know when you get there? You may travel around aimlessly or maybe you simply stay where you are. This is especially true of your career pathway which is an integral part of your personal journey.

Know where you want to be

Successful journeys always begin with a destination in mind. To work out how to be where you want to be in life, you’ll need to have clearly defined goals. Ask yourself questions like, ‘What does your ideal future look like?’ ‘What will you be doing?’ ‘Where and with whom?’

One way to help you ‘see’ your future is to visualise it in detail. You can create a mental image and focus on it as you exercise or drift off to sleep. You can even draw it or cut and paste images to represent it and create your own ‘dream board’ then place it somewhere you’ll see it each day.

Questions you can ask yourself to help you define your destination include:
·      What does ‘success’ mean to you? Wealth? Happiness? Or something else? (There are no right or wrong answers here.)
·      What are your personal values? Do they relate to a culture or religion? What are the things that are fundamental to your happiness?
The answers to these questions will help you choose the job or business venture options that best align with your personal values and goals.

Getting started

Many people get stuck waiting for the perfect situation or opportunity to arise before they attempt to change their life for the better. Or they get bogged down in the detail of what they ‘will’ do when they get started that they never get started at all. Others are ready to go, but they lack focus so they try to do everything at once and give up when it becomes too much to handle.

If you are at this stage, ask yourself:
·      What needs to happen or change before you can move forward?
·      What are your best assets and attributes?
·      What are you passionate about? Passion is one of the best motivators for change.
The answers to questions like these will help you determine which road to take.

Understanding your vehicle

Quite simply, your vehicle for your personal journey is you! Knowing how to change your thoughts and actions to create different outcomes is a bit like knowing how to maneuver your car in different circumstances. The more you understand your vehicle, the more control you have.

Understanding your thoughts

“Both poverty and riches are the offspring of thought”
(Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich)

Learning to understand how thoughts influence behavior and destiny is a fundamental skill that all successful people have mastered.  The first step is to simply learn to notice your thoughts – positive or negative - and any emotions that come with them. You don’t need to react to them, just acknowledge them and look for any common triggers or patterns.

Many of our thought patterns are the result of our past experiences. For example, you may have been told that you were ‘useless’ or ‘stupid’ as a child, therefore you grew up with poor self-esteem and low confidence. There are many other negative beliefs we hold about ourselves that can cause us to unconsciously sabotage our success.

On the other hand, you may have been encouraged to try new things and been cheered on for your efforts. You may have also been taught to save money from an early age. Children who are shown trust, respect and support generally develop strong character traits like self-confidence, creativity and responsibility as they grow.

The good news is, even if your past was not ideal, once you identify any negative thought patterns and beliefs, you can learn to look back and see the situation more objectively. The events that lead to those unhelpful thoughts are long gone and they don’t need to have power over you anymore. You can let them go and create more positive beliefs about yourself that will help you move more freely towards your future.

Understanding your body

Just as the best way to keep your car running efficiently is to look after it properly, the same is true for your body. Looking after yourself though a healthy diet and regular exercise of any kind will go a long way to help keep your mind calm and focused. It will also give you more energy to pursue your goals.

Your body also has its own innate intelligence which we sometimes overlook. ‘Gut instinct’ for example, is your body’s way of saying that something is or isn’t right for you. It will also tell you when you need to rest or when it needs nourishment. When you learn to work ‘with’ rather than ‘against’ your body you will function much more effectively as a whole.

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