Episode #12 - Richard Bowles - Keep going

Episode #12 - Keep going

He has run across the world’s longest mountain trails. The world's longest marked trail at 5,330km here in Australia to New Zealand's equivalent at 3,054km, how about Israel's length at 1,012km or end to end of South Australia, another 1,200km. He's also run around an exploding volcano in Sumatra. Its these experiences and the psychological findings combined that makes Richard Bowles' angle different from all the rest.

Richard unpacked the strategies that saw him succeed and overcome running on blisters and infection, crossing raging and crocodile infested rivers, ploughing through avalanches and volatile war zones under fire.  It's from this space that he delivers a fresh insight, with business leaders and their teams on how to tackle challenges and shares actionable ideas on pushing through them while we are already psychically and mentally exhausted.

Episode #12 can be found at www.mentorlist.com.au/richb