#30 - Katherine Teh-White - A social license to operate

Episode 30 - A social license to operate

Katherine’s social licence to operate methodology and problem-solving approach has made organisations more successful in an era of quickly shifting community expectations and instantaneous communication.

In 2002 she founded Futureye which provides market research, sustainable innovation, public policy, public affairs, risk communication, foresight and strategy and change management. Futureye operates in Australia, Asia and Europe and is currently expanding in the Americas. In the past five years she has also founded WikiCurve that provides a two-way engagement platform on public policy.

Her pioneering social licence to operate methodology has improved the corporate responsibility for a broad range of industries including, food, water, energy, mining and pharmaceutical. She has worked at many different levels from sites, to national and international supply chains when there is reputational, political, regulatory and technical challenges.

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