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How to discover your life’s purpose

If I asked you what your purpose in life is, what drives you, would you know the answer?

Don’t worry, you are not going to lose points if you say, “I don’t know”. You won’t be the only one either.

It’s important to note that knowing your purpose in life is not the same as knowing the career you want (although the two may overlap).

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Why it’s ok to reinvent the wheel

Can you imagine what the world would be like if we never developed new ideas or new ways of doing things? We’d be right back in the pre-historic ages with no fire, tools or clothing. But even then, there were some groups who didn’t catch on. It’s hardly surprising that they weren’t the one that survived and evolved.

When the Orville brothers and others of that time first talked about flying vehicles, most people thought they were mad or that it simply couldn’t be done. People were hesitant about travelling in newfangled automobiles and many were terrified to the point of hysteria of the idea of using electricity in their homes.

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How to engineer your career

Before technology took over kid’s lives, many were budding engineers, building the things they wanted from scratch in their backyards. A classic example is the humble billy cart. For decades, early last century, almost every suburban street in Australia was full of them.

Billy carts were small, hand-made carts with 2 timber axle blocks connected by a longer timber plank that formed the chassis. They came in all shapes and sizes and had 4 trolley wheels, a seat above the rear axle and a steering rope connected to the left and right side of the front axle block – and that was it. They were only big enough to seat one person and had no means of acceleration other than gravity and pure willpower.

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LinkedIn - the best networking return on investment you can get

Have you seen the ‘Compare the pair’ superannuation ads on TV? The ones that show 2 people at similar stages of life along with their superannuation values? The ads then cut to the same people some years later and compare their super values again. The point of the ads is to highlight the different returns on investment between the person who paid attention and invested strategically and their counterpart who did nothing. The person who paid attention and made intentional changes to their super ended up with a significantly greater return on investment.

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The expat returns from the Lion city

Since I returned to Australia from Singapore recently, many people have asked me about the Asian job market and how I feel it compares to those in Australia and New Zealand. My story ignited a curious streak in them and they asked me about things like the types of jobs available and the trends that are happening there. They especially wanted to know what attracts people to move overseas for work and why some people decide to come home after a few years.

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5 proven tips for getting more balance in your life

Whose life are you living? Are you putting yourself last?

On aircrafts, the safety instructions always say for parents to put on their own mask before their children’s. In other words, you’ll be in a better position to help them if you look after yourself first.

The same goes for our daily life. When we put others before ourselves, we are not doing anyone any favours. This could be kids, parents, partners, friends or work. We end up tired and frustrated because we are not looking after our own needs or desires. They suffer because they are with someone who is often not happy, healthy or fulfilled.

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How to reboot your thinking and transform your life

Have you ever had a gut feeling that you’re not doing the sort of work you were born to do? Maybe you’ve experienced anxiety or strong emotions about your life path that you struggle to interpret?

If you have, you’re not alone. These feelings come from your subconscious mind, which is based on instinct. Being analytical, I find instinct difficult to articulate so I often dismiss it and concentrate on what my conscious mind is telling me, which is far simpler but also counter intuitive.

We all have the ability to interpret messages from both forms of our consciousness; however, many of us have lost the ability to ‘hear’ what our subconscious mind is trying to tell us.

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5 Reasons you should explore the world of online work

Today’s jobs are very different to the ones available as little as two decades ago. We are no longer restricted by geography, fixed hours or a lack of available jobs, providing we know how to access the internet.

Even if you have limited computer skills, you can still take advantage of the world of earning opportunities available right now online. That is; if you are prepared to take the steps and learn the skills.

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How to build your wealth strategically

We’d all like to think that money isn’t important to us. While many of us would value things like health, happiness, family and friends well above money; it is what money allows us to do that makes it valuable.

Now here is the catch, most Australians live from pay to pay with maybe a little in reserve. When our income stops, we often end up in financial stress within months or even weeks. How would you like to have residual income so that if you want time off from work or want to retire, you still have a regular income that is not dependent on the government? That is what wealth building will do for you.

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How faith in your goals drives success

Study the stories of all great achievers and you are sure to find that they were driven by faith, even when facing their toughest challenges. The term ‘faith’ has religions connotations, certainly, but it can also be used more broadly. Having faith means having complete trust in a person or thing. It can also mean being able to visualise and believe that we can attain what we deeply desire.
To succeed in anything, we need to have faith in ourselves and in the bigger picture. For some, this may be a higher power, others may see it as their mission or destiny.

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How to jump-start your future

Any journey has a starting point, a route and a destination. Your personal journey is no different. If you don’t have a clear idea of where you want to be, how will you know when you get there? You may travel around aimlessly or maybe you simply stay where you are. This is especially true of your career pathway which is an integral part of your personal journey.

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Boost your workplace productivity levels today with these 2 simple tips

Do you get to the end of the work day and find that you’ve only done half of the tasks you set out to do?

If you answered ‘yes’, then you probably also feel stressed and frustrated that you are not doing the work you are ‘supposed’ to be doing. Yet, when was the last time you sat down and studied ‘how’ you spend your time?

Most of us start the day by checking our emails while we gulp down some coffee. It could be 1 – 2 hours before we start doing our ‘real’ work. We’ll look at our messages and start with the one that is screaming the loudest. Then, more email notifications pop up so we respond to those. After that, it’s time for lunch. The afternoon goes by in much the same way. We’ve been busy all day but not really achieved anything.

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The secret ingredient to greatness is you [Podcast]

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.” Marianne Williamson

Everyone is born for greatness. In today’s world it has never been more possible to follow our passions, even when we lack the experience. However, our need for self-preservation will often outweigh our aspirations as we begin to question those desires. Who am I to be great? Who am I to succeed beyond measure? But the question should be, who am I not to be those things?

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