Why working for yourself gives you greater job security

David Meerman Scott makes a living by writing international bestsellers, presenting his acclaimed sales and marketing strategies to audiences of the most respected organisations and associations in 40 countries, advising exciting start-ups, and much more. He doesn’t need to worry about money.

That wasn’t always the case though. In his podcast interview on The Mentor List, Scott tells of the choice he had to make when he was fired from his job as a marketing VP because his strategies were viewed as ‘too radical’. He had two options; keep searching for another job or step up and figure out how to support himself and his family by his own wit. A gutsy move that many think about, but not everybody does. Indeed, it doesn’t suit everybody.

David Meerman Scott - Marketing & Sales Strategist

David Meerman Scott - Marketing & Sales Strategist

What Scott discovered was the world of the ‘joyfully jobless’, a term coined by self-employment advocate, Barbara Winters, who says:

“We see self-employment as an opportunity to share our unique gifts, passions and eccentricities with others so every citizen proudly creates a one of a kind enterprise that is a perfect fit for them.”

Scott began by providing consulting services to several smaller businesses. However, it was when he started writing blogs, then books, then joining the speaking circuit that he found his perfect job - having multiple jobs and being the boss of all of them. He realised that the best way to keep his finances secure was to pursue multiple income streams, a tactic also recommended by Winters in her book, Making a Living Without a Job.

“(The) key is to develop and expand what I call Multiple Profit Centres. Rather than thinking in terms of having a single source of income (as we are trained to do when we see our income tied to a job), the savvy entrepreneur thinks about developing several income sources. With planning – and an openness to additional opportunities as they come along – you can create as many income streams as you desire.”

Find your inner expert

Do you have a particular skill or area of expertise that you are passionate about? It doesn’t have to be one that you’ve earned money from to this point. For example, are you great at managing finances? Do you have a flair for fashion? Do you love to skydive?

These are skills that others would like to learn or improve and it could be you that helps them.

In Scott’s case, he developed the strategy of ‘newsjacking’ or the hijacking of trending news items and providing expert commentary on them quickly. Instead of patenting the concept, he made it freely available. This continues to drive people to his website, where they can read about newsjacking, purchase one of his books, book him as a speaker, or hire him as a coach.

Many of the other guests interviewed on The Mentor List have found similar ways to share their skills and expertise with the world. You’ll find them all listed by podcast category on our website.

How to get clients

The best way to put yourself in front of potential customers is to create your own website fill it with related quality content. From there you can:

  • Set up a free email subscription service.

  • Write regular blog posts on your topic.

  • Share these on appropriate social media platforms.

  • Create free YouTube videos showing people how to do what you do.

  • Give people the option to upgrade their subscription for access to more services.

  • Offer exclusive ebooks and tutorials that they can purchase and download.

  • Offer speaking and coaching services yourself.

What if you chose not to be a high-rolling entrepreneur, coach or commentator?

“That’s all very well”, you say, “But I’m no writer and I wouldn’t speak in front of a group of people in a million years. What am I supposed to do?”

The good news is that your options are endless. If you can do or make something that somebody else would find valuable, then you’ve got a business idea. There are skills that you are really good at that others don’t have or aren’t interested in. Why not market your services to them?

Here’s a list of some of the freelance jobs that are popular right now:

  • Video editors and scriptwriters

  • Web developers

  • Publicity and social media managers

  • Virtual personal assistants

  • Homes and office organisers

  • Health and fitness coaches

For more ideas, check out Jeff Rose’s article for Good Financial Cents, The Top 23 Self-Employed Jobs (that are actually fun) You Can Start Today or the Talented Ladies Club website.

All of these business ideas can be built upon to create multiple income streams. For example, you might work on projects with different clients or offer different services based on a common theme. The best part is that, as you are the one in control, nobody can fire you. That’s the best job security of all.

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No one knows more about using real-time tools and strategies to spread ideas, influence minds, and build a business than David Meerman Scott. It’s his speciality. He is an internationally acclaimed sales and marketing expert whose high-energy presentations are a treat for the senses.

Scott’s advisory clients include HubSpot, where he also serves as Marketer in Residence. He began working with HubSpot in 2007 when the company had a handful of customers and fewer than 10 employees and his strategies have helped the company grow to more than 41,000 customers in 90 countries.

To hear more about Scott’s story and his tips for making newsjacking work for you, tune in to his podcast interview on The Mentor List today. You’ll be generating new income streams before you know it.

Kick start your personal journey to success from the conversations David has with his inspirational guests on The Mentor List. www.mentorlist.com.au

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