The Mentor List Launch December 1 2016

The Mentor List Podcast Launch was held on Thursday the 1st of December 2016 at Melbourne Business School in Carlton. 

The night was hosted by David Lewis, who shared the beginnings of The Mentor List and his vision for its future. The Launch was a great success, with like minded individuals coming together to listen, learn and be inspired by award winning entrepreneur and founder of Braaap Motorcycles, Brad Smith. 

Brad shared his journey, challenges and highlights of his career thus far and gave the audience his personal advice on how to overcome adversity, detailing how he pushed through rejections one after another and found the courage to get up the next day and try again, especially when it would have been much easier to go away empty handed, knowing he had tried. 

The Mentor List provides an avenue for aspiring talent to learn from industry leaders and the world's top business minds about their personal journey's to success; including their daily habits, personal and professional challenges and their advice for creating truly exceptional and passionate individuals.