From Misery to Mastery: Finding the Courage to Take the First Step

From Misery to Mastery: Finding the Courage to Take the First Step

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” Arthur Ashe

I think it’s safe to say that most people, if not everyone, wants to experience success and happiness on all levels of their life. We know we don’t want to be miserable or stuck in a job we hate, but many of us struggle to find the lasting motivation to make real changes. We know that to get a different outcome we need to take different actions, but where do we start when it’s all too overwhelming? What stops us from determining our happiness and creating the life of our dreams? Fear.

We fear change. We fear failure. We fear humiliation. We also assume, unconsciously, that what we’ve been doing all this time must have some merit so we find it difficult or impossible to swap it for something unknown. It’s so much easier to find yet another excuse to deal with problems we’re familiar with. Sure, this strategy meets our need for certainty, but it does so at the price of our happiness.

So start before you are ready. Begin by picking a direction today and moving towards it. Look at where you already have momentum and use it to your advantage.  

Where are you now and where do you want to be?

In order to escape the daily grind and create a life that is aligned with who you really are, you must first define your values, find your passion and find your purpose. There are ways to quickly gain clarity into your inner world and find your own story; write it down, map it out and if you’re still not sure begin with the things that you enjoy, those things that no one has to tell you to do because you love doing them already. It’s a fascinating journey, and it’s much easier and more effective if you’re supported by a mentor or a coach. It’s also more fun.

Be kind to yourself.

We all use tactics that once were effective in childhood but are likely to backfire if we apply them in our adult and professional relationships. Be aware of repetitive behaviour patterns that hurt you, other people and negatively affect your life. Few of us would happily allow someone to tell us that we can’t do something, so why do we let ourselves get away with the same thoughts? Pay attention to your thoughts. We tend to repeat them, creating mindsets and beliefs that can work against us. Our thoughts influence the way we feel, think, act and create our reality.

Be kind to yourself, remember, you don’t have to be perfect to be great. Don’t push yourself too hard, don’t criticise yourself if you don’t see the results you want straight away. Go with your gut instinct and listen to your body, feelings, energy and emotions. Whatever you do, do it with the authenticity of who you really are.

Create a positive, supportive environment.

Make smart choices about the books you read, the programs you watch on television and the people you listen to. Surround yourself with like-minded individuals who are passionate about physical, mental and spiritual transformation and dedicate their time to consciously improving their life.

Listening to a mentor will inspire and motivate you, it will also give you the tips, tools, and resources you need to get you started and keep you motivated. Of course you’ll still have to write your own story but by having instant access to the information they share, you can leverage this to any situation.

And if you can already see the benefits of having one mentor, imagine what having access to a new mentor every week will do. The Mentor List podcast allows you to do just that. Each week a new mentor will share their journey and renew your determination for a better life. Listen while you’re out walking, working out, stuck in traffic or on your daily commute and when life throws you a new challenge or you need a little push to get you back on track, call up your favourite mentor and listen to them again to give you back that energy and drive you so deserve.  

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David Lewis

Host, The Mentor List