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Are you fluent in body language?

We are all good at communication. With all the video calls, text messages, social media comments, emails and more, we certainly get a lot of practice. So, we’d have to be good at it by now, wouldn’t we?

Well, maybe not. While technology does give us more communication options, it doesn’t stop us misinterpreting each other’s messages or unintentionally causing offence. So, maybe it’s time we stop to consider how communication works.

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How to become a better communicator (and why that’s important)

Have you listened to our three 1st year anniversary celebration episodes yet?

For those who haven’t (yet), these episodes are essentially a highlight reel from each of our Mentors over the previous 33 episodes. In each episode, each guest was asked to share the best pieces of advice they received or, better still, wish they received. All the responses were very thoughtful. They ranged ...

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