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Top tips for finding your path as an entrepreneur at any age.

It’s no surprise that the struggle to find full time work with a good income is becoming increasingly challenging. The report The Dimensions of Insecure Work: A Factbook, published by the Centre for Future Work, shows that the majority of us rely on other forms of work, if we have work at all.

“The traditional employment relationship, based on permanent, full-time work with normal entitlements (such as paid leave and superannuation), has been chipped away on many sides. Today, for the first time in recorded statistics, less than half of employed Australians work in a permanent full-time paid job with leave entitlements.”

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Is this the quickest way to success?

Have you ever finished a project and thought to yourself, “If I was to do that again, I’d be able to get it done quicker, better and at half the cost!” The thing is, you only know how to effectively do something once you’ve done it. But what if you could have known how to do it before you even started?

If you want to know the quickest way to success, you find someone who is the authority in the field you want to be successful in and ask some of the following:
·      “How did you do that?”
·      “What lessons did you learn that made the process easier and smoother?”
·      “What would you do differently?”
·      “If you were going to start today, what tools, mindset and techniques would you use and why?
The answers to these questions (and many more) can be discovered through mentoring.

All successful business people have various mentors over different parts of their journey to advise, coach, guide and help them reach their goals. Having a mentor will enhance your personal and career performance - ten fold.  

A mentor has been exactly where you have been. They have firsthand experience of the challenges and can show you how to get from where you are to where you want to be.

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