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Why we need to reignite our curiosity

oung children are curious about everything. They have no preconceived notions of fear or failure. There are no limits on how much they need to know about things. Everything is new so they just take it all in and explore how things connect with each other.

At this stage, learning is entirely intrinsically motivated. As we grow we are encouraged to learn specific things receive external motivations to do so. These could be in the form of awards, assessment scores or promotions, for example. We slowly lose the ability or desire to learn things based on our own interests or curiosity.

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How schools of today can meet the workforce needs of tomorrow

One of the biggest dilemmas for schools has always been how to best equip their students to function effectively in changing work environment? With the digital age and the fourth industrial revolution already happening all around us, this issue is more important than ever.

In her recent interview on The Mentor List, Jan Owen, CEO of the Foundation for Young Australians ...

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How to become a better communicator (and why that’s important)

Have you listened to our three 1st year anniversary celebration episodes yet?

For those who haven’t (yet), these episodes are essentially a highlight reel from each of our Mentors over the previous 33 episodes. In each episode, each guest was asked to share the best pieces of advice they received or, better still, wish they received. All the responses were very thoughtful. They ranged ...

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