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Joining the dots of success

“Careers and businesses don’t develop along a straight line. If you plot their milestones or turning points most would resemble a child’s join-the-dot picture with scattered points and no clear pattern. The picture doesn’t begin to emerge until you start making connections between the points.

These connections can take many real-life forms. They could include personal and business networks or linking ideas and industry fields. Sometimes the connections don’t make sense at first or they may lead to dead-ends. However, they can also lead toward rich and innovative creations.”

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Success comes with risks: Are you willing to take them?

Have you ever stopped to reflect on what success looks like to you? Most of us have a dream of becoming ‘successful’, but our dreams can look very different. They could include a nice house and car, having a life-long partner and kids, becoming a CEO, joining a rock band or simply having the time and space to do what we want. Sometimes, we define our success by someone else’s standards. Whether this is done consciously or unconsciously, we end up living life by default and not design. Social norms can dictate what we ‘should’ or ‘shouldn’t’ be doing with our lives and we can end up fearing the consequences of not fitting in.

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Is this the quickest way to success?

Have you ever finished a project and thought to yourself, “If I was to do that again, I’d be able to get it done quicker, better and at half the cost!” The thing is, you only know how to effectively do something once you’ve done it. But what if you could have known how to do it before you even started?

If you want to know the quickest way to success, you find someone who is the authority in the field you want to be successful in and ask some of the following:
·      “How did you do that?”
·      “What lessons did you learn that made the process easier and smoother?”
·      “What would you do differently?”
·      “If you were going to start today, what tools, mindset and techniques would you use and why?
The answers to these questions (and many more) can be discovered through mentoring.

All successful business people have various mentors over different parts of their journey to advise, coach, guide and help them reach their goals. Having a mentor will enhance your personal and career performance - ten fold.  

A mentor has been exactly where you have been. They have firsthand experience of the challenges and can show you how to get from where you are to where you want to be.

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