The Mentor List Gear

Podcast Equipment used by David Lewis

Welcome! Below you’ll find links and descriptions to the equipment I’ve tested out and use today.  My interviews are predominately face to face interviews, or interviews done via video conference. For video conference you can set up a paid zoom account.  Follow link here to

Below you can find links to purchase and research our reccomended products.

Microphone x 2

The ATR2100-USB is designed to take you from the stage to the studio and beyond. This rugged handheld microphone offers two outputs, USB output for digital recording, and an XLR output that connects with a sound system’s conventional microphone input for use in live performance. The microphone plugs right into your computer’s USB port, and functions seamlessly with your favourite recording software.

Pop filter x 2

Use the pop filter to immediately improve the sound of your vocal recordings! Plosive sounds such as “p” and “b” create a sudden burst of air pressure that can create a bassy “pop” in your vocal recordings, ruining what could have been the perfect take.

Microphone stand x 2

Ideal for microphone positioning for interviews and mitigates any reliance for onsite furniture for microphone positioning.

Digita Recorder

Digital recorder external battery pack

Audio Gear back pack