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Day 5 Define your podcast mini series

Well done.  Nearly half way.  We hope you've enjoyed the first four days. They are designed to be a bit one sided so you can simply absorb the information.  We now pick up the pace and with each day make decisions towards being in a strong position to start executing our podcast mini series.  Feel free to contact us at any stage and we welcome your feedback to build on for our next amazing host to come through.

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Day 7 Recording gear

A lot of would be podcasters get caught up in the complexity of gear selection.  From an audio quality perspective the less a file is edited post recording the better the audio quality will and can be.  With that said, the recording environment accounts for 70% percent of the overall audio quality leaving just 30% to play with which is attributed to the actual gear selection.  So when we are looking for bang for buck we need to first focus on the environment.  And don't stress, as Dave or one of our audio engineers will be physically with you for your first recording. You also have the option to borrow our complimentary recording packs or you can invest in your own.

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Day 10 Promoting the mini series

"If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?" I use this well know question to demonstrate that succesful podcasting has two equally important sides.  Engagement and marketing.  If an episode is engaging a listener will simply keep listening, but an engaging show without marketing to draw a new listener to it in the first place may not get the chance to prove itself.

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