Welcome to the Mentor List 10 Day Program

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Congratulations firstly on your decision to host your very own Podcast mini series.  We here at The Mentor List believe that success leaves clues and that people who produce outstanding results do specific things to create those results. Podcasting is no different which is why we have created this 10 day program so we can leverage the collective learning of The Mentor List and industry leaders.


Over the next 10 days you will receive an email each day taking you through a specific area of focus.  The first five days is designed to give you a general body of knowledge.  You will hear from Podcasting, Speaking and Marketing experts in the context of creating your very own successful Podcast show.

Each daily email will provide instructions about what the outcome, purpose and action steps are for that day.  The program is delivered through a mix of Video, Audio and practical exercises and on average will take 30 minutes to complete

If you have any questions email Dave at dave@mentorlist.com.au