Day 1 Podcasting 101

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OK day 1.  Lets get to work on building a solid foundation of knowledge.  Stick with me! 

This video is provided courtesy of our friend at Podcast 1

Podcasting is a free and easy way to listen to spoken word audio entertainment in a way and at a time that suits you.
Podcasts are shows in the form of audio files. You can listen to episodes here and now by streaming them or you can download an episode for later listening. You can listen anytime via your smartphone or computer.
The modern day podcast is very different to a radio show or audiobook. They can be presented by famous people, specialists in a particular field or by someone you've never heard of. You can either be entertained or educated by a podcast, and in a lot of instances both.
Podcasts are different to listening to radio because episodes can be specialised in their subject matter - a listener can dive in deep into a topic that interests them. You also get to enjoy a podcast right from the start, whereas with radio you can't start a show from the beginning if you've missed any of it. Podcasts are also different to audiobooks because they don't take that longer form of audio that can go on for hours and hours.
Just take a look around at the podcasts you can see on iTunes. You'll see podcasts of many different topics from a varied range of presenters, all of which you can enjoy for free in your own time wherever you are.
These days the best way to listen to a podcast is on your smartphone. With the intimacy of a set of earbuds or headphones, a podcast is the perfect listening companion when you're on the move.


  • Outcome - Get you thinking about your angle from the listeners perspective.

  • Purpose - To introduce you to some Podcasting personalities and varying reasons for podcasting.

  • Action - Watch short video (6 minutes) and read through notes above.


Over the 10 days you will receive an email each day taking you through a specific area of focus.  The first five days is designed to give you a general body of knowledge.  You will hear from Podcasting, speaking and marketing experts in the context of creating your very own successful Podcast show.

Each daily email will provide instructions about what the outcome, purpose and action steps are for that day.  The program is delivered through a mix of Video, Audio and practical exercises and on average will take 30 minutes to complete

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