Day 10 Promoting the mini series

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"If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?" I use this well know question to demonstrate that succesful podcasting has two equally important sides.  Engagement and marketing.  If an episode is engaging a listener will simply keep listening, but an engaging show without marketing to draw a new listener to it in the first place may not get the chance to prove itself.

Podcasting on The Mentor List channel gives you the immediate advantage of our active listenership and we will promote the entire series as our own however we have a great opportunity to amplify the content through our network, your network, your guest networks and through paid content amplification strategies.

We work with you to create and co-promote the podcast series and marketing materials. The content created is generally evergreen, so an ongoing marketing campaign is worth considering.  We see better results gained over time and prefer to drip marketing across marketing channels, for example, audio release, website release, social media release and followed by an email release promoting the episode and series.  Its important to start with the end in mind and defining what a succesful marketing strategy looks like.  Is it eyeballs, email capture or another metric within your business development process this will help guide the marketing efforts.


Thanks for sticking with us - Now let the fun begin

Thanks for sticking with us - Now let the fun begin

Next step lets get together to talk abbout the last 10 days and more importantly the next..  You can book me in for a video conference call here Link (Booking Link) or if you are available in Melbourne we can get together face to face via the following link (Booking Link). 


Cross off the following and email it through to (Again, don't worry it doesn't need to be final. Just have a go)

  • Consider any existing marketing tools you can leverage - For example website, email list, Youtube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc.

  • Consider giveaways or competitions for listeners to engage.

  • Reflect on the past 10 days and jot down any question and or ideas to run through with us in further detail.

  • Ensure you have paid your deposit Link

  • Book in your activation session today Link


Over the 10 days you will receive an email each day taking you through a specific area of focus.  The first five days is designed to give you a general body of knowledge.  You will hear from Podcasting, Speaking and Marketing experts in the context of creating your very own successful Podcast show.

Each daily email will provide instructions about what the outcome, purpose and action steps are for that day.  The program is delivered through a mix of Video, Audio and practical exercises and on average will take 30 minutes to complete

If you have any questions email Dave at


The 1st five days is purely educational and exploratory.