Day 5 Define your podcast mini series

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Well done you are nearly half way.  We hope you've enjoyed the first four days. They are designed to be a bit one sided so you can simply absorb the information.  We now pick up the pace and each day make decisions towards being in a strong position to start executing our podcast mini series.  Feel free to contact us at any stage and we welcome your feedback to build on this process for our next amazing host to come through this program.

Time to define your podcast mini-series theme.... Picture Above showing a proud moment as our clients show From The Trenches topped the iTunes charts for the business category...

Time to define your podcast mini-series theme.... Picture Above showing a proud moment as our clients show From The Trenches topped the iTunes charts for the business category...

Successful mini-series podcasts have a consistent concept and style

We need to plan and decide WHAT your overall podcast will be about before the first recording or we run the risk of having a sloppy series. It’s important to decide what will be unique about the series. Think about why someone should listen, why they should care. Also, keep your business’ culture in mind, your mini-series needs to align with your business.

Successful mini-series podcasts have a CONSISTENT concept and style

Some things we get to do:

  • Name the series – For example - The Mentor List “insert mini-series name”, hosted by “insert host’s name and title” and made possible by “insert host’s business name”

  • Host Short Bio – One to two paragraph describing the host (AKA you)

  • Business story – One to two paragraphs describing your business

  • Mini Series narrative – One to two paragraphs describing what the mini-series is about and what type of people are being interviewed.

  • The Look – Send on any imagery and or logo artwork for The Mentor List to use to leverage in creating co-branded content.

If your idea for a mini-series show is “interesting chats with interesting people” that’s not going to be enough of a hook to make someone stop in the iTunes store and take notice. However, if your show is “interesting chats with cult leaders” or “interesting chats with billionaires,” that gives your potential audience a really clear idea of what they’re going to get when they click ‘play’.  It also gives them a reason to try the show regardless of who’s hosting.

Being specific will help you attract guests

Defining your mini-series concept is really important if you want to book guests to appear on your show, especially if you’re looking to attract people with a profile. Without a defined concept, guests will be reluctant to come onto a show, unless they know you personally. (That being said you will have some leverage just by using The Mentor List brand) When you’re reaching out to people you don’t know, we want the concept to be as clear as possible, so they know what they’re getting into and why we’ve contacted them.

We are not emailing them and saying “this is just a general chat about your life” which, for most people would be a terrifying request because they wouldn't know what they’re in for. We want to make each guest feel they’re in safe hands and each potential listener to be able to immediately connect with your concept.

When I reach out to guests for my show I use the following email template and guest info pack.

Link to Guest information email here:
Link to Guest information pack attached here:

How do you get your message across?

You could make your concept clear from the title of your show e.g. The Mentor List - CEO “Interviews with Melbourne’s greatest CEO’s,” or you could choose a clever name and go into the specifics in your show description. Either way, it’s important people can understand the idea immediately when they come across your podcast or they’ll just walk on by and ignore you.

Should you niche within a niche?

There are some niche’s where it’s going to be difficult to compete because there are already a million other shows hosted by people with bigger profiles than yours.  That doesn’t mean it’s not possible and if you chip away at it, have great content and keep showing up every week you’ll get there eventually, BUT if you want to set yourself apart, nicheing will help.

Try to be everything to everyone and you’ll end up being nothing to no one
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Cross off the following and email it through to (Don't worry it doesn't need to be final)

  • Series name

  • Short bio

  • Short Business description

  • Mini Series narative

  • Share branding materials (logo's imagery etc)


Over the 10 days you will receive an email each day taking you through a specific area of focus.  The first five days is designed to give you a general body of knowledge.  You will hear from Podcasting, Speaking and Marketing experts in the context of creating your very own successful Podcast show.

Each daily email will provide instructions about what the outcome, purpose and action steps are for that day.  The program is delivered through a mix of Video, Audio and practical exercises and on average will take 30 minutes to complete

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