Day 6 Define your podcast episodes

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Congratulations we are now over half way!  After day 5 you should now have a good idea about how your mini series will look and feel.  Today we go a level deeper to bring this to life by mapping out the elements for each podcast episode giving us a blueprint for each podcast episode within this mini-series.

six is the always magic number in podcasting.. 90% of new podcast shows never make the 7th episode

The six ingredients to a great mini series show

Each show has 6 seperate audio elements that make up a final episode.

The Mentor List opener and closer (Provided by The Mentor List)

These are our standard "top and tails" that can be found on any of our The Mentor List episodes..  In total they account for one minute  of each and every episode.

The mini series opener and closer (Created in partnership)

Both the mini series opener and closer are consistent across all six mini series episodes and run for approximately 45 seconds each.  The opener introduces the mini series, the host, the concept and the host's business and any other related information. The closer thanks the listener and introduces a call to action and or endorsement back to the mini series host and host company.

Mini Series Opener example: "We are excited to share with you one of our six part mini series hosted by Mark Ritson who takes us on a journey into the Future of Marketing.  Mark is a world renowned marketer,  a professor at Melbourne Business School and active writer. With each episode we'll take you deep into the future of Marketing as Mark interviews marketing and futurist experts to distill the myth that digital marketing is the only way to market effectively.  It simply isn't.  We hope you enjoy todays conversation"

Mini Series Closer example: "Thank you for joining us today on The Future of Marketing Podcast mini series.  If your looking to increase your marketing prowess jump onto MBA masterclass dot com and you join Mark as a student in one of his online mini MBA program.

Show intro (Performed for each episode by mini series host)

The show introduction is performed by the mini series host and typically includes the following:

  • Podcast name—Welcome message

  • Episode title —if your title explains the content of your episode, which I recommend, then include it in your recording.

  • Hosts' names—listeners should know who you are. I suggest introducing yourself as “I am ___” rather than “My name is ___.”

  • Introduce your star guest

  • Sponsors—the people who help you pay the bills, or your own product or service.

General tips for a great podcast intro - Imagine someone starts listening to your podcast on their way to the grocery store. Be unique as early as possible and summarise what the episode contains, tell them what you're going to tell them. Identify yourself and cohosts and explain your purpose for new listeners. Try to keep your opening to 30–60 seconds before your content. Think about modern movies: very few credits in the opening, straight into the action, then all of the credits at the end.

The interview (mini series host and show guest)

We'll get into the nuts and bolts of the interview segment at a later stage but worth mentioning now.  Ideally we look for a 20 to 40 minute interview but acknowledge some may be longer or shorter depending on the context and the individual.


Cross off the following and email it through to (Again, don't worry it doesn't need to be final. Just have a go)

  • Mini Series opener

    • Draft your mini series opener script (targeting under 200 words helps keep read out to 30 to 60 seconds)

    • Consider Music (provide guidance on what type of music you'd like)

    • Provide voiceover requirements (eg man, woman, accent etc)

  • Mini Series Closer

    • Draft your mini series closer script (targeting 75 words helps keep read out to 30 to 60 seconds)

    • Consider Music (provide guidance on what type of music you'd like)

    • Provide voiceover requirements (eg man, woman, accent etc)


Over the 10 days you will receive an email each day taking you through a specific area of focus.  The first five days is designed to give you a general body of knowledge.  You will hear from Podcasting, Speaking and Marketing experts in the context of creating your very own successful Podcast show.

Each daily email will provide instructions about what the outcome, purpose and action steps are for that day.  The program is delivered through a mix of Video, Audio and practical exercises and on average will take 30 minutes to complete

If you have any questions email Dave at


The 1st five days is purely educational and exploratory.