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"you are the average of your five closest friends" SAM Cawthorn

PEER Networking



Long black, flat white, decaf soy latte ... no matter what your choice of brew, most of us love a morning hit of coffee to kick-start our day. But what you may have overlooked as you enjoy your daily dose of caffeine is that the humble cup of coffee also has the ability to kick-start your career – it all comes down to that old networking kingpin, the coffee meeting.

A casual catch up over coffee with a clever peer, a potential mentor or a business idol can prove invaluable for your business prospects. It can lead to the cultivation of big ideas, it can get your name circulating among important business networks, and it could even hold the key to your greatest career move.

However, if you find yourself avoiding this form of networking because it feels like a blind date, you aren’t alone. Sweaty palms, rehearsing clever things to say, last minute nerves and doubts about why you organised it in the first place are all totally normal. That’s where we can help.

At The Mentor List, we actually call it The Network Date and, like any important date, it needs a little pre-planning. And the rest is simply down to chemistry.


The secret to success is surrounding yourself with the right people; connecting with a peer group who will challenge you to grow, and having access to people and intelligence which spans industry, country and expertise, opening your professional network to a breadth of available knowledge and skills.

The secret to living is giving and the final process in the learning curve is to share and teach. By sharing your own knowledge, you cement the learning for yourself.

In many of The Mentor List podcast interviews our guests discuss the importance of networking. We all acknowledge that our professional network has a direct correlation to our success across our career, business, wealth, health and happiness. But, we also understand networking can be intimidating – where do you even start? The typical approach is to print some business cards and race off to the next business conference where a quantity over quality approach seems to be the norm. While this approach might result in you meeting a handful of new acquaintances, we question how many long-lasting professional relationships are created.

We believe that this introduction approach is simply rushed and ineffective, and peers rarely go on to develop strong, professional relationships with those they meet.



We are in the business of connection. We establish and help support this in several ways such as via podcasts connecting listeners with business tycoons and through our mastermind groups of one-on-one mentoring introductions.

To do this on your own is difficult – and sometimes just plain awkward. That is why we create thoughtful peer introductions for you, so you can get on with excelling in both life and business, off the back of creating deep and rich professional connections.

We pair you with a professional peer once a month. These connections are conducted face-to-face if you are both in the same city (Melbourne holds our main physical presence) or online via video chat. Sessions last for one to two hours, and are typically held on neutral ground such as a conveniently located coffee shop.


As the saying goes, it’s not what you know but who you know that gives you the edge. Melbourne is one of the closest held professional networks and through our coffee catch-ups we are giving you the chance to become part of the Melbourne business network.

Our concierge liaises with you and your professional peer, firstly conducting an introduction before scheduling a coffee catch-up at a time and venue that is convenient for the both of you. We match you with 12 professional peers over the course of a year.

We look forward to introducing you soon.


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"Who you spend time with is who you become" Tony Robbins

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