Alex Rance - Self-belief, Perseverance and Teamwork - JACK Personal Development Mini Series

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The Game’s Best Key Defender - AFL Professional Athlete

The Game’s Best Key Defender - AFL Professional Athlete


Alex Rance - Self-belief, Perseverance and Teamwork

JACK Personal Development Mini Series

Alex James Rance is a professional Australian rules footballer playing for the Richmond Football Club in the Australian Football League. Rance is a premiership player, five time All-Australian, a one time All-Australian captain and a winner of Richmond's best-and-fairest award.

Show Notes

The Start of a Journey

In the early stages of his footballing career, Alex Rance felt that he took some time to grasp the greatness within himself. He was fighting with his identity both on and off the football field. Consequently, he struggled with inconsistency in his form and thus uncertainty about his career.

 Looking back on it, Alex reflects on the practices and processes that allowed him to explore his strengths. As a person and a professional, Alex was able to find his fit and explore the talent within him.

He talks about the drive within him to take the phrases and quotes written on the walls in the change room, and implement them day-by-day in business, in sport and in life.

Beyond the White Lines

Tiger's Roar
By Alex Rance

Alex has enjoyed tremendous success on the football field, winning both individual and team honours. But it is the mind and the methods behind the man that make him who he is.

He describes that he’s always been a creative person, enjoying the music and arts side to school whenever he could escape the demands of football. He’s always been one to think outside the box, and explore where his passion leads. These show notes could be completely dedicated to the realms of what Alex has ventured in to: he’s been a pilot, a carpenter and even built an App.

It was his book, Tiger’s Roar, which has captured our attention. In this book Alex details how he wanted to capture the memories and moments from one of the most magical years in his life: winning a flag with the Richmond Football Club. He wanted to create a ‘time capsule’, allowing him to retain those memories forever and share them with all involved in the triumph. 

Alex also delves into another of his passion projects – The Academy. Alex felt he wasn’t completely fulfilled by merely being on top at the final siren, he wanted to do more and be more. Thus he founded The Academy, which is an AFL-focused education and training programme that harnesses the talent, resilience and drive of emerging athletes like Alex once was.

The Person Behind The Professional

In profession that is covered from all angles – every minute on the field and every step off it – Alex Rance faces significant pressure and expectation on who he is and who he should be. In a challenge like this, Alex details the mindfulness practices he relies upon to get rid of the chatter surround him and avoid overthinking situations.

 It has allowed him the ease and flow to retain perspective through the ups and downs of his profession and the life it affords him. It also allows him to readjust and rethink things when times get tough.

 When giving back, Alex is a believer that there is more happiness in giving than receiving, and the greatest gift we can give is that of understanding. Knowledge is power and knowledge is forever, which is what Alex strives to achieve in helping others live a better and happier life through The Academy.

In getting to this stage, admittedly Alex never really had a mentor growing up. He holds the view that if you put a label on what it is and pressure on what it should be, it lacks the authenticity of what the relationship should be. He believes that we should allow others to stumble into our lives, recognising them for who they are and appreciating the opportunity for them to help us.

Final Siren

The fast five was always going to be difficult for a man who does so much and has so much to give. Tune in to hear the full spectrum of Alex Rance: from the meaning of life to his next passion project, all the way to his love for gardening and a verse of his shower rap!

It has allowed him.