Ben Williamson and Rhys Davis - Compound Learning

Ben Williamson and Rhys Davis

Ben Williamson and Rhys Davis

Ben Williamson and Rhys Davis

Compound Learning

Today we are trialling a Mentor List first. We have two guests in today. DealPad co-founders Ben Williamson and Rhys Davis. dealPad saves you time setting up, distributing & closing your raise, so that you can get back to building your business.

Ben left the safety of corporate life to move into high growth businesses and has become very much engrained into the Melbourne Startup Community and launching the deal pad platform with co-founder Rhys Davis. dealPad helps sophisticated investors find more deals relevant to them - saving everybody time and increasing deal visibility.

Rhys Davis has come through a strong software engineering background which saw him most recently as the CTO of Vericus before joining Ben full time to focus on the DealPad mission

"The greatest gift life has to offer is the opportunity to work hard at work worth doing" - Theodore Roosevelt

Show Notes

Their Story – Ben Williamson and Rhys Davis

Rhys Davis’ background is in engineering, specifically robotics and megatronics. He found himself going down the research path, inspired by his fascination with the robots involved in the movie ‘Iron Man’. After landing a summer job at NICTA (Australia’s ICT Research Centre of Excellence), a professor provided him with the opportunity to build a commercial model for a project of his.

Rhys became enthused by the concept of turning ideas and concepts into feasible projects. He joined his professors company, serving in product ownership, technical development and sales support roles. He became thoroughly engaged with the start up world, going on to work in a CTO role for an EdTech start up involved in building the product and raising funds before being approach by Ben to work on dealPad.

Ben Williamson’s experience is varied. After consultation with a Mentor List favourite, Cam Schwab, he recognised that his professional exposure culminated into the exploration of his role at dealPad. Ben has worked in two of the Big Four professional services firms, been a part of high-growth companies such as True Value Solar and alongside Ben has raised $230mn for companies over the past six years.  

He attributes a great degree of his learning and development to a real-estate venture in Bendigo, which served as his MBA: no income and a crash course in valuable business lessons. Ben recalls April 13, 2013 – where he was dead broke. Without the ability to facilitate even a dollar of debt, Ben leverages his experience in harnessing his relationships and find funding to his current contributions with dealPad. 


Ben and Rhys are the co-founders of dealPad, a platform for professional advisors to raise money. In the Australian market, capital raising for private companies is somewhat disjointed – leading to a ‘discovery divide’ between people with money to spend and people with ideas to fund.

dealPad aims to address this, providing investment opportunities for advisors in the $1-15 million range particularly for start ups and SME’s to access funding from boutique advisors, the Big Four professional services firms and investment banks.

A key aspect to this is that a third party furthers the trusted relationship and connection to the company that underpins a deal by vetting every deal listed on the platform. This is particularly pertinent as corporate advisory has a back-ended fee structure, whereby time, relationships and networks are invested into mitigating the risks and challenges involved.

dealPad harnesses the wider macro-trends in the economy, whereby notable companies are shedding jobs in light of the gig economy and rising emergence of startups. It focus on accelerating proven ideas, rather than those in the ideation phase, increasing their share of funding and thus allowing for greater access to resources to build the team and address their market.

Advice for Others - Ben Williamson and Rhys Davis

Ben and Rhys share the sentiment that business knowledge is not something you can pick up in just a book, a video or any ‘golden solution’ – but rather a cumulative series of learnings likened to the concept of compound interest.

This is in combination with the reflection that life is a marathon, not a sprint – invest in your work, learn in your work and work toward your passion.

Key Habits - Ben Williamson and Rhys Davis

In seeking advice and support, Ben and Rhys mention that active benevolence plays an important role in developing key relationships and connections. Rhys believes that if you are seeking resources or perspective, it’s faster and more effective to go the source of information – such as mentors – without trying to do it all yourself.

Book Recommendations - Ben Williamson and Rhys Davis

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter

Quotes - Ben Williamson and Rhys Davis

"The greatest gift life has to offer is the opportunity to work hard at work worth doing" - Theodore Roosevelt

Contacting Ben Williamson and Rhys Davis

Ben and Rhys would love to hear from you via with their LinkedIn pages or email if you’re seeking more information on dealPad or are even seeking advice in your own start up ventures.

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