Brandon Bays - The Journey Method - JACK Personal Development Mini Series

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Author, Seminar Leader, Owner, The Journey Seminars Ltd

Author, Seminar Leader, Owner, The Journey Seminars Ltd


Brandon Bays - The Journey Method

JACK Personal Development Mini Series

US born, Brandon Bays is the world’s leading authority on emotional healing and life transformation.

She is recognized as one of the most dynamic, inspirational and innovative teachers in the field of personal growth and mind-body-healing. She is internationally known for her radically transformative work in the fields of cellular healing, emotional wellbeing and spiritual awakening, and is the pioneer of The Journey Method®.

It was in the face of adversity that Brandon discovered her true calling. Diagnosed with a large tumor, she embarked on a remarkable, soul-searching, transformational and liberating healing journey. It allowed her to heal from her tumor in just 6½ weeks, without drugs or surgery. In doing so, she uncovered a means to get direct access to the boundless healing potential that exists inside each of us, and developed a natural healing method that can help everyone. The process works on all levels of being – emotional, physical and spiritual.

She is the pioneer of The Journey Method, a practical and liberating tool for healing and awakening, and is dedicated to bringing healing and freedom to people around the globe.

Brandon is an international bestselling author of several books, including The Journey, Freedom Is, The Journey for Kids, Consciousness: The New Currency and Living The Journey. She is dedicated to sharing her message and self-healing techniques with the world.

She has appeared on numerous television programs and is the subject of countless newspaper and magazine articles.

The Journey book is translated into 23 languages, and has sold more than 1 million copies worldwide.

Brandon is an authentic example of her teaching – full of joy and energy, with a natural love and gratitude for life. Her open, candid honesty, genuine compassion for the human condition and relaxed, warm-hearted humor bring her teachings alive with insight, depth, humanity and grace.

Show Notes

The Journey Method

Brandon Bays has had an incredible journey. A journey through which she has explored the spiritual, emotional and physical practices that heal us, help us and also hinder us.

Her Journey Methods allows us to go inside of our bodies and explore our unique journey. It helps us to explore the emotional and spiritual balance within us to unlock the learning and growth that Brandon has been so fortunate to experience in her life.

For each one of us, throughout our day-to-day lives we feel emotions, develop thoughts and face perspectives. Brandon explains that her Journey Method allows us to understand and process these emotions, and have the opportunity to live freely and naturally as we navigate the challenges that life throws at us.

We often strive for ambitions and push ourselves toward goals; but face the voice within us that tells us it’s too hard or too late. The Journey Method delves into the emotional root cause of these voices, and gives us the strength of conviction to continue our journey forward. The Method goes beyond not only uncovering what’s emotionally holding us back, but permit us to release that consciousness and get out of our own way.

A Process to Prosperity

What makes the Journey Method so practical and pragmatic is that it is a process – a process that connects with us and moves with us in our progression. It’s also a repeatable method, paving the way for a formula going forward. It allows us to understand the events, people or influences in our lives that cause us to feel certain ways and puts the tools in our hands to both guide and govern us.

In the episode, Brandon tells of her belief that it is us who tell ourselves how to heal or grow or learn. As such, the Journey lays within us in uncovering our own truths on our own path to freedom and wholeness.  

Finding the Guru Within 

Brandon Bays wants to help us take the lampshades off and shine the light in our lives. It’s not about finding the guru from outside, but from within. Who else but us can change our lives?

Given our commitments at home and in the work place, we all have blankets that hover over us. These blankets form emotional blockades that forbid us to fulfil our potential. The Journey helps us to explore the emotional root cause behind these blockades, and provide us with two key outcomes:

- The access to infinite intelligence

- The emotional root cause of how we feel and why we act

We all want to liberate our shining potential and realise that there’s more to life than we can see. Brandon explains that those who go on the Journey with her are those who have a feel for what they have, but also have an ambition for what they want. 

Signing Off

In this edition of the fast five, Brandon talks through her take on the preciousness of life, the mindset she maintains in staying present, her surfing expeditions in Byron Bay and the next country on her map for The Journey Method to explore!