Brent Valle - The Future Phase

CRN Winner, BRW Top 5 Feat. Entrepreneur | Authentic Speaker | Passionate Adventurer| Hangin' Loose Show

CRN Winner, BRW Top 5 Feat. Entrepreneur | Authentic Speaker | Passionate Adventurer| Hangin' Loose Show

The Mentor List - Brent Valle - The Future Phase

Brent Valle

The Future Phase

Brent Valle is a born speaker, entrepreneur, passionate surfer, snowboarder and all round adventurer known for pushing boundaries and building big business!

He is a multi award award winning business person who has been recognised by CRN for growing Australia’s fastest growing tech company in 2013 (2nd 2014, 9th 2015, 10th 2016 and All Star Category in 2017), and the countries 5th fastest growing company across all industries in the BRW Fast 100 2015.

He was the co-founder of award winning technology company NGage Technology with close friend Jarrod Bloomfield. The team grew the company from $0 - $27 Million in just 5 short years and it continues to be a key leader in the IT space.

In early 2017, Brent decided to parts ways with NGage Technology to follow his passions of assisting, inspiring and working with others and founded The Future Phase.  Fortunately for Brent, within weeks after coming to the realisation that he wanted to follow his passions, an ASX tech-company expressed interest in NGage and within 6 months the business was sold in a multi-million dollar deal. 

The Future Phase is a cause that Brent hopes to use his visionary business acumen, unbridled enthusiasm and love for adventure to inspire others to achieve their own best selves, make an impact on a grander scale and leave the world a better place.

It is a cause that facilitates growth, transformation and adventure of busy individuals, entrepreneurs and corporations to exceed themselves above and beyond.  He has developed the first of it's kind leadership program called Future X - The Worlds First Leadership and Mentoring Program Where Business Meets Adventure which is designed for medium to large enterprise corporates, and is also growing a community of entrepreneurs and business owners that want to take on the world called the GameChangers with an exciting product being launched in the next month.

Since founding The Future Phase in early 2017, Brent continues to seek out more opportunities and recently acquired Bells Surf Wax™, a business he is extremely passionate about. Since acquiring in September 2017, Brent has since turned the business around, something he has a knack in doing and has gone onto successfully launch with amazing success at the 2018 Rip Curl Pro at Bells Beach. 

He is often referred to as courageous and a go-getter with limitless determination by his peers and continues to inspire and empower them to push through their boundaries both in life and business.  But also knows where his strengths lie, a real entrepreneur and business dude, passionate surfer, snowboarder and adventurer and the thing he takes most pride in is being an awesome Dad to his 2 kids.

Brent is extremely passionate about sharing his personal and business journey to inspire others to live a happy, healthy, successful and purposeful life with strong relationships. A born speaker, Brent has an amazing ability to keep his audience members engaged, allowing them to walk away inspired, motivated and having learnt something new.  His personal story is really quite phenomenal and counts his blessings every day because he realises just how lucky he is to be here, even though there were shocking and traumatic circumstances involved.

He is determined to give back to the planet and to youth and to date has contributed over $50,000 across 4 charities and has personally volunteered over 40 hours of work. He is a proud member of 1% For The Planet.

Brent Valle is a force of nature with a passion for life and making the world a better place in every way he can. As a highly successful entrepreneur, rugged outdoor sportsman and a true humanitarian, he’s not content to just forge his own business and life successes, he earnestly works to bring others along for the ride. And aims to encourage you to join him.

Your best is enough
— Brent Valle

Show Notes

His Story – Brent Valle

Brent grew up in a relatively challenging childhood: he discovered he was adopted, his parents split up at an early age and he was bullied during school. Going through high school, he found himself connecting more so with the sport and co-curricular side of things, rather than the academics. But it was a conversation with his mother that really got him started.

 Money was tight and his mother suggested he find a job. He found an ad in the paper for a store hand at a local software store. Fortunately for Brent, the owner of the store also had an interest in surfing and he soon became his friend, his boss and his mentor. Brent worked across support and sales in the business, before the owner sold it to four of the employees. They then built it up and sold it to a multinational, where Brent spent three years working for them before moving on. On the surface it was a success story of growing and building a business before moving on to different ventures, but fundamentally it formed the foundation for his life going forward.  

Brent was 30 and searching for his new adventure. He read two of Tony Robbins’ books (find out more about them below) and it truly changed his life. He decided to do courses in coaching and executive coaching, but didn’t feel as if he had ‘earned the right’ to speak as yet. He wanted to hone his craft, gain both more business and life experience and share his insights from a place of authenticity.

So Brent and a friend founded Engage Technology, with only $2,000 invested from each of them. They achieved phenomenal success and accelerated growth, building formidable relationships and connecting with their customers en route to $27 million in revenue in just their fifth financial year. Brent crafted his team and developed a culture of hard work, passion and dedication to the cause. But despite all the success, it wasn’t driving him or giving him the fulfilment he thought it would. He worked long hours, faced strain on his personal relationships and the business brought about significant professional challenges.

Another turning point came on holiday in New Zealand. He suffered a serious concussion on a snowboarding holiday with his family, leaving him without the cognitive and intellectual ability immediately following the incident. It served as a stark reminder to Brent that he’s not immortal, he’s not invincible and life is incredibly precious. Upon return from his holiday, he told his business partner that he wanted out and within weeks – Serious Networks made an acquisition offer. Once the sale had been finalised, his schedule went from everything to nothing – leaving him time to think and reflect.

A snowboarding documentary, a LinkedIn post and a Facebook message changed that all around. It allowed him to live a life centered on his values, skill set and areas of interest. Tune in to hear what adventure Brent embarked on next, and the present focus lies in his diverse portfolio of interests and initiatives.

By Anthony Robbins

Key Habits – Brent Valle

 When he was facing a challenging time mid-way through his career, Brent took 3 years without drinking alcohol. A lesson in resilience, personal discipline and going against social endorsement that proved a great learning experience.

He also believes that the simple things in life have the biggest impact: get enough rest, be active physically and put the right food in your mouth.

Advice for Others – Brent Valle

Through his varied experiences and opportunities, Brent doesn’t believe in working for the dollar. ‘Success is about the smile in your face’.

He also realised that life doesn’t happen because of him, but through him. This gave him tremendous fulfilment and perspective, both when chasing goals and dealing with challenges.

Finally, Brent recognised the importance of having a ‘tribe’. It’s important to be true to yourself, and those who are likeminded and supportive will naturally gather around you.

Book Recommendations – Brent Valle 

By Tony Robbins

Awaken The Giant Within by Tony Robbins

Unlimited Power by Tony Robbins

Quotes – Brent Valle

“Your best is enough” — Brent Valle

Contacting Brent Valle

Reach out to Brent via his LinkedIn (, his Facebook, his Instagram (@ActionBB) or his email at

Check out Future Phase at and keep an eye on Bells’ Surf Wax for some exciting initiatives in the near future!