Brett McFall - JACK Personal Development Mini Series

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CEO at Online Marketing Centre

CEO at Online Marketing Centre


Brett McFall

JACK Personal Development Mini Series

Until 2002 Brett worked at a soul-destroying $35,000-a-year office job. Determined to find a career where he could make a difference, Brett learned and mastered some innovative marketing strategies.

These profound marketing secrets enabled him to produce millions of dollars for himself, and the clients that hired him, in just a staggering 24 months.

Today he takes a holiday somewhere in the world every 8 weeks (whether he needs to or not ;-), while his companies turn over in excess of $1,000,000 a year on virtual auto-pilot, allowing him to live a life of total freedom.

On 15 separate occasions he’s assisted in helping complete beginners make up to $50,000 in just 72 hours, with every step witnessed by a LIVE 300-strong audience.

Brett McFall is Australia's expert at making online marketing easy and regularly teaches thousands of people how to do what he does.

He was recently featured in the documentary, “Internet Challenge” where a film crew followed his every move as Brett helped a complete beginner, Michael Hughes, start an online business. The result? Within 30-days Michael had earned $11,643.

Brett McFall has shared the stage with Sir Richard Branson, Tony Robbins,Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki, Jay Abraham, and motivational guru, Jim Rohn. His wealth of internet marketing knowledge has seen him featured on Australia’s highest rating current affairs TV program, “A Current Affair,” Channel 9 News, and as well as ABC radio.

Show Notes


Understandably, an individual with the stature and success of Brett McFall somewhat struggles to answer the question ‘so what is it that you do?’ 

For a man who does so much for so many, he faces what he describes to be a constant battle to balance what he can and should be doing. These days it’s hard to be one type of person, or fulfil one type of role, but Brett is focused around one thing: marketing.

The nature of marketing in this day and age is such that it spans many platforms, tools and techniques. As a result, it demands our attention and effort toward our different marketing messages.

To counteract this, Brett believes that it’s not about the tools; it’s about the message. It’s not about the product; it’s about the result. The mediums, mechanisms and meanings may have changed but the principles that Brett preaches have stayed the same – forming the foundation for his success.



Samantha poses a pertinent and relevant question surrounding what business owners can do to make a real difference. Brett describes the phenomenon that usually when businesses make a promise in a marketing message, this promise is very general. ‘We can help you to lose weight’ or ‘we can help you to get more clients!’

Brett feels this approach isn’t necessarily wrong, but it is inefficient. He believes we shouldn’t market generalities, and rather market specifics. This means pinpointing our positioning in the market, knowing what we stand for and marketing that.

We have to be prepared to put our promise on the line, and bring our customers with us on this journey.



To understand the methods behind Brett’s means, Samantha asks him about his personal development journey.

Brett describes his self-recognition that he’s average: average intelligence, average humour. Importantly however, Brett both understands and cares how the brain works.

Tune in to hear the Tony Robbins book that sparked Brett into action, and helped him recognise the cost of not taking action versus the benefit of making it happen. He read books, studied websites and watched videos to find his way out and give him the perspective to push forward.

He believes that having a vision - and the integrity to guide us along that journey - are fundamental to our personal success. He recognises within himself that he’s always going to have doubts and fears, but at some point in our lives we need to stop making excuses and take ownership over the change we want to see.

Brett and Samantha talk about those days where things don’t work out. Even Brett McFall has them. In those moments, Brett feels we need to be clear about what we want to do and where we want to be. Making that decision is better than no decision at all. It may be the wrong one, but at least it’s a step.


Quick Five

In this short and sharp segment, Samantha poses a few questions to Brett to deep dive into key aspects of both personal and professional development. Tune in to hear his take on accountability, his morning habits, his thoughts on the Bachelor (!) and the next big goal for Brett McFall.