Develop Your Own Property Plan - The Property Planner, Buyer and Professor Podcast #04

Thank you to everyone’s support for the Property Planner, Buyer & Professor Podcast mini series here on The Mentor List. The feedback has been tremendous to date. So much so that David, Cate and Peter by popular demand have gone live with their very own channel.

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The Property Buyer, Planner & Professor
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Develop your own Property Plan

After introducing you to the Property Planner, the Property Buyer and the Property Professor, we now move in to the first technical episode of the series: How To Develop Your Own Property Plan.

In this episode, the team delve into the importance of building a property plan, strategies on developing a property plan and how to structure your property plan.

As always, it will be filled with advice, tips, tricks and everything in between. 

Show notes

After giving you an insight into the Property Planner, Buyer and Professor – now it’s their turn to provide the insights!

Welcome back for the fourth episode of the PPBP Podcast, we’re glad to have you with us as we delve into the first of our episodes equipping you with invaluable tools and resources on your property journey. This episode will detail everything you need to know about developing your own property plan, including the strategies, structures and schemes involved. 

In particular, the team detail the influence of forces beyond the physical property itself, the role that location plays in our property plan and the sequential effect of our decision-making over time. The team also give their tips for building your property plan, including expensive mistakes they’ve seen in the past, key takeaways and considerations as well as advice on the nature and timing of your decisions. 

As always, the gold nugget provides for plenty to look forward to as David and Cate give their key piece of advice on property planning. 

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We’re committed to providing you with insight, advice and support on your property journey, thanks for joining us – we’ll see you next time.