Dr. Richard Huysmans - Come back to the body of knowledge

Speaker, Author, Mentor – helps build outstanding careers beyond your PhD

Speaker, Author, Mentor – helps build outstanding careers beyond your PhD

The Mentor List - Richard Huysmans - Come back to the body of knowledge

Dr. Richard Huysmans

Come Back to the Body of Knowledge

As a research strategist, Dr Richard Huysmans is an expert in helping researchers get the best out of their training, their research and their career. He has a 70% grant success rate and a 100% success rate for establishing research centres and institutes. His clients include the Department of Health and Human Services, University of Queensland, University of Sydney, University of Melbourne and Monash University. He is focused on research translation and together with Jane Anderson, is the only consultant training researchers How to make their LinkedIn profile (research) translation ready, for greater research impact and industry engagement. A program that has helped researchers raise over $250,000 in direct industry funding. Dr Huysmans undertook his PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, before turning his hand to research strategy and program development. In 2008, he established Raven Consulting Group (you can read about his journey in the blog section

Since that time he has been delivering high quality strategic advice to the education, research and government sectors, where he works with Pro-Vice Chancellors, Vice-Chancellors, Directors, Research Directors, Department and Faculty Heads, Chief Allied Health, Nursing and Medical Officers. Richard is driven by the challenge of helping researchers be commercially smart. His strategic approach to collaboration and research translation has been making the impossible possible for more than eight years. His clients appreciate his cut-through approach. He knows the sector and how to turn ideas into reality.

Everyone has a plan until you get punched in the face.
— Mike Tyson

Show Notes

His Story – Dr. Richard Huysmans

Dr. Richard Huysmans found his career when he started the final journey on his academic pathway: doing his PhD. The experiences he had, the people he met and the things he learnt helped him find his passion and his niche.

Richard describes that most people do a PhD with some sort of purpose or objective in mind. Saying this, he found that there wasn’t a strong correlation between the hours that students were putting in, and the research outcomes that they were getting out. On the other hand, Richard valued a profession where there would be a stronger connection between working harder and achieving more.

Upon the completion of his PhD he was fortunate to commence his career with Monash University, where he described it to be a fantastic platform and learning opportunity to explore competencies within and beyond his technical academic understanding.

After working on various projects that gave him sound expertise and experience, he left Monash University to set up his own boutique consulting firm targeted toward the tertiary education and research sectors. In this venture, Richard describes how he’s truly found his fit: he works with people he wants to work with, on projects he’s passionate about and a schedule that suits his lifestyle.

Transition From Theory to Practice

Richard talks about the transition from academia to the workforce, whereby a lot of graduates – particularly those with a Bachelor’s degree – have a range of knowledge but without any depth or sound understanding.

It is thus important to understand that universities provide a wealth of knowledge, and instead of isolating yourself along the academic journey, to stay connected and in tune with the resources and understanding available around you.

Key Habits – Dr. Richard Huysmans

Richard believes it to be important to do the things that work for you, rather than what may work for others. For him, he feels staying fit is key to his health and productivity.

He also places constraints on his schedule and incentivises himself to get things done during the day, such as finishing sales calls before he can go for a walk.

Advice for Others – Dr. Richard Huysmans 

In this day and age, Richard feels that we need to be as transferable and dynamic as possible so as to take advantage of opportunities and manage our professional responsibilities. This includes understanding of social media, finance and accounting and exploring the prospect of adding to your technical expertise through further education.

By Stephen R. Covey

Book Recommendations – Dr. Richard Huysmans

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People – Stephen R Covey

Quotes – Dr. Richard Huysmans

“Everyone has a plan until you get punched in the face” – Mike Tyson

Contacting Dr. Richard Huysmans

You can contact Richard via his consultancy practice at ravencg.com.au, otherwise reach out to him on LinkedIn (au.linkedin.com/in/richardhuysmans), his website drrichardhuysmans.com or his Twitter (@RichardHuysmans).