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Influencer Expert | Author 5 Books on Branding & Communication | Certified Speaker | Mentor to Female Industry Leaders

Influencer Expert | Author 5 Books on Branding & Communication | Certified Speaker | Mentor to Female Industry Leaders

Jane Anderson

Position yourself for leadership

Jane Anderson is a Leadership and Communications expert. With over 20 years’ experience in she has worked with over 50,000 people on building more trust and influence in their businesses and brands.

Her clients include Virgin Australia, Lego, Ikea, Rio Tinto and Origin Energy. She is on faculty in Thought Leaders Business School, mentoring some of Australia’s leading experts in their field. Jane’s blog was recently voted in the top 10 branding blogs in Australia and in the top 30 branding gurus globally.

She is the host of the iTunes podcast & "The Jane Anderson Brand You Show"; and has been featured in Business Insider, Sky Business, Sydney Morning Herald and The Age.

Jane has been nominated thrice for the Telstra Business Women’s Awards, and the author of five books including her latest “EXPERT to INFLUENCER: 12 Key Skills to Attract New Clients, Increase Sales and Leverage your Personal Brand to Become an Industry Leader.”

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure."- Marianne Williamson

Show Notes

My Story – Jane Anderson

Jane Anderson started working with personally branded businesses when she was 14 years old. Initially working with a reputable shoe company, she quickly learned the value of your reputation and has never looked back.

Her career has spanned diverse organisations, where she has been a learning and development coordinator, training conductor and leadership developer. She feels she works at the intersect of Human Resources and Marketing, teaching individuals the ways in which to communicate and advertise their ideas and value-add.

After this exposure, Jane went out on her own to start her own personal branding consultancy. The idea was borne from the inspiration provided by her lecturer in second year at university, who shared an article surrounding personal branding.

It was her passion to help people promote themselves. Despite this, she lost almost $30,000 in the first year of her business largely due to marketing costs. She knew she had the skills, but she felt she was listening to the wrong people. It was at a conference about the future of work where she found her feet, aspiring to help individuals become ‘solopreneurs’ and grow their own personal practice.

These days, most of her clients are those who’ve been around a while. She works with those operating on a revenue belt of approximately $500,000, looking to break through the barrier, consolidate their strategy and decide on their key deliverables. Her scope spans experts whose name is behind the business they’re building, as well as key individuals who’s identities are integral to the success of the entity itself.

People don’t engage with a business, they engage with a human behind. That’s where Jane comes in. 

Advice for Others – Jane Anderson

Get The Right People Behind You

This goes beyond family and friends, where Jane feels it’s about people who understand what you do and where you want to go. She wants us to find our “tribe”, who understand the problems and challenges we face and have done what we want to do.

This is particularly critical given the uncertain landscape surrounding the future of work, the inherent Australian culture surrounding the ‘tall poppy syndrome’ and the need to demonstrate self-leadership to get out there and seek advice.

Key Habits – Jane Anderson

Offering to Help

Jane believes in holding a mindset of ‘helping’ others first and foremost, without going out and seeking anything from the outset. She feels it’s a great way to structure your value-add and grow your network with reciprocating offers.

Capture Ideas

Jane was a former productivity consultant, and believes that all of us have incredible ideas that we need to capture and grow. They often come at a bad time, and disappear very quickly. Along with Dermot Crowley, the previous Mentor List guest, she has developed an App called Memo Mailer to coordinate, channel and process these thoughts and tasks. Check it out here: janeandersonspeaks.com/memo-mailer/

Book Recommendations – Jane Anderson

Others who’ve written books, including The Thought Leaders Practice by Matt Church, Peter Cook and Scott Stein, have largely inspired Jane. She’s written her own book, Expert to Influencer, and others that have inspired her include:

  • Book Yourself Solid by Michael Port
  • The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks

Quotes – Jane Anderson

“When you’re going through hell, keep going” – Winston Churchill

Contacting Jane Anderson

If you’re into podcasts, subscribe to Jane’s ‘Brand You Show’ on iTunes or Google Play.

To contact her you could head to her LinkedIn (linkedin.com/in/janeandersonpersonalbranding), her website (jane-anderson.com) or her socials:

Facebook: facebook.com/JaneAndersonPersonalBranding

Instagram: instagram.com/the_jane_anderson_/

Twitter: twitter.com/jane_anderson