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Driven by design

Courage is the root of all creative projects, courage of the sponsor, courage of the project team and courage of the creative team.

DRIVENxDESIGN celebrates courage, excellence and diversity through 11 design awards programs. All programs are marketplace centric and offer an opportunity to recognise those that are defining tomorrow. 

When Mark is not advocating or celebrating design he work as an adviser to projects on the client side, providing expert input on how to structure projects, develop creative ideas and engage the best of market suppliers to deliver exceptional project outcomes. 

At the heart of Mark's work is a focus on experience design. Always with one simple question - are we making something that is Made for People?

"We are all running late..."

Show Notes

His Story – Mark Bergin

Mark Bergin has spent 30 years in the creative industry. He started as a photographer and moved through lighting, stage and digital design to ultimately act as a trailblazer in the design industry. He describes his niche as the golden thread that arises in the tension between audience and experience. He acts on the art of opening up ideas in people’s minds, giving them concepts and meaning to grasp on.

Mark feels his work comes as part of a global phenomenon, whereby brands are building experiential value rather than product value in the minds of their customers. Brands such as Microsoft, Facebook and Google aim to provide utility in their customers’ lives, aspiring to dominate their lifestyle and sit in the backdrop of their intentions.

He also believes these such successful brands are operating under a contemporary playbook, building customers ‘up’ rather than bringing them ‘down’ in forging the demand for their product or service. He understands the impact that both tangible and intangible triggers operate to influence the rational, irrational and non-rational elements to our lives.

Fundamentally, organisations that recognise and appreciate this are winning more. They are capturing our imaginations and leading us into tomorrow.

The Triangle

During the show, Dave recognised that Mark had drawn a triangle and queried the meaning behind it. During his time in the government, Mark was tasked with researching the impact of technology on our modern lives.

His research took him far and wide, eventually leading to the teachings in the Bible. In consideration of these insights, he recognised that our lives encompass a three-part process: struggle, achievement and party. He believes these encapsulate our ambitions and goals and despite the emergence of technology, have remained constant throughout time.

If anything, technology has allowed us to do more things more efficiently. This either makes us feel empty, or assists us to meet our sense of self-actualisation. As such, when approaching a mentor, Mark feels it is imperative for us to at least have a plan in mind before the conversation. The mentor can either help you get there faster or better, or even find a better answer to what that plan is, but the conversation is hollow without a foundation from within.


Mark established DRIVEN x DESIGN to propel those in his industry toward the future, and represented an initiative that was something much bigger than himself. He calls in a ‘global design community’, helping designers to find their fit and use their unique intellect to shape the world.

He knew it was a big idea, and big ideas take time. He saw the value is proposing it to the world, testing it to the market, taking the blows and reshaping it to the model it is today.

Key Habits – Mark Bergin

Systems Based Empathy

Mark believes in systems based empathy, which allows him to not only empathise with those in different circumstances to himself – but also those immediately around him. This assists him to assess complex problems and model potential solutions.

Advice for Others – Mark Bergin

Mark’s key advice was actually something he gave to himself during a life-threatening situation at sea. Despite the tendency to reflect on the poor decisions that led him to where he was, he felt it was imperative to have laser focus and harness his energy toward what he does going forward that’ll make all the difference.

Book Recommendations – Mark Bergin

Re-imagine!: Business Excellence in a Disruptive Age by Tom Peters How to Create a Profitable Business Strategy for the Internet and Beyond by Patricia B. Seybold, Ronni T. Marshak

Quotes – Mark Bergin

"We are all running late..."

Contacting Mark Bergin

Mark is fascinated by meeting new people, so feel free to reach out to him on LinkedIn ( or check our DRIVEN x DESIGN’s podcast via their website ( for what they’re focusing on.