Mike Goldman - The Voice - JACK Personal Development Mini Series

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Mike Goldman - The Voice

JACK Personal Development Mini Series

Host of On The Mike weekly chat show, 2018 Commonwealth Games Presenter, Voice of Australia’s biggest sporting retailer Rebel Sport, Bear Grylls new series on Discovery networks, National Geographic series Australias Arid Heart, Power and The Great Dividing Range. You may even see Mike hosting in front screaming fans at Sydney Kings basketball home games or hosting one of many charity events he is involved with. As an actor he is in Robot 4 shot in New York for Jan 2019 release, “HOGES” The Paul Hogan story and soon “A Place To Call Home”.

As a voice artist Mike Goldman has been the voiceover man on Big Brother from 2001 till 2015, Animal Planets Meerkat Manor, The animated series World Animal Championships, Tattoo reality series Bondi Ink, The Sydney Kings Basketball team, the voice and sometimes face of Australias number 1 sports team A Mart Sports.

Show Notes

The Man Behind the Voice

We see, and hear, Mike Goldman as the man he is today but he’s been on an incredible journey to where he is today. He was kicked out of school and forced to sell mobile discos to make some spare cash, his path redefined by the words of wisdom from Anthony Robbins.

From that point onwards he was well on his personal development journey, subscribing to the notion of investing in himself and recognising the beauty of life as it is.  

The Voice of Reason

These days, Mike’s life is such that he drives his own agenda and workflow. Admittedly, he feels that sometimes it feels like it’s too much.

In sharing his advice and perspectives for the listeners, he describes how he’s learnt to line up the tasks in his day and have a defined plan for how the week will pan out – usually done before the week starts on a Sunday afternoon.

He’s also learnt to harness the creative side of his brain – one that has formulated the amazing career he has had – and balance the attention between the different demands in his life. He’s also learnt that when things don’t go to plan, it is critical to focus on yourself: reset and readjust accordingly.

And even for someone with such an extensive social network, Mike describes how much he’s been helped by having a close circle of friends around to keep him grounded and push him forward.

What’s His Why

What makes Mike, Mike? Simply put, he loves entertaining people and making them happy.

All of us need a release in our lives, a way to escape. Mike wants to be that person, making people happy by having an impact on our world. In his personal development journey, he’s loved investing in his own character and using those learnings to help others.

On a personal level, he’s found that sticking to his why helps him to drag himself out of slumps, especially when you working for yourself. A reminder of his core principles and values helps to motivate him and get him going through any challenge.

Fast Five

Never a dull moment with Mike Goldman! What he says will always sound good, but particularly in this section where he delves into the best piece of advice he’s been given, his insights for emerging entrepreneurs and what’s next for the man who is seemingly everywhere.