Nick Mitzevich - Set the narrative

Art Gallery Director

Art Gallery Director

Nick Mitzevich

Set the narrative

Nick Mitzevich served since 2010 as Director of the Art Gallery of South Australia in Adelaide, where led numerous initiatives, including a diverse artistic programme, significant attendance growth, the revitalisation of the building and its displays, and the expansion of community engagement. In April 2018, he was appointed as Director elect at the National Gallery of Australia, based in Canberra.

Previously, Nick was Director of the University of Queensland Art Museum in Brisbane and Director of the Newcastle Region Art Gallery in New South Wales. He holds a BA in Fine Art and Graduate Diplomas in Education and Fine Art from the University of Newcastle, New South Wales. In 2009, he received the Museum and Gallery Services Queensland Outstanding Achievement Award and in 2016 was chosen to participate in the Global Museum Leaders Colloquium at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

"Set an agenda, be purposeful, be consistent, communicate and excite the idea"

Show Notes

Nick Mitzevich – His Story

Nick Mitzevich is Director elect at the National Gallery of Australia (previously Art Gallery of South Australia at the time of recording). He’s now worked across four major galleries across numerous roles, and has become renowned for his ability to both connect with everyone around him and capture the attention of the art community.

Despite his family coming from an agricultural background, from a young age Nick has always been fascinated in creativity in painting, drawing and making videos. He sees himself as ‘building the bridge’ of engagement between the art that his galleries feature and those who have an appreciation for it.

Nick views his role as one similar to a teacher – whereby he is a ‘toolbox’ for connecting, opening and promoting interesting opportunities and ideas. He’s worked with limited resources, limited funding and within tough climates but has mastered the art of bringing people in and making people stay.

Nick Mitzevich – Key Habits 

 Nick believes in deconstructing challenges and propositions, and rebuilding them with purpose in mind. He feels that when we make decisions there has to be an innate drive and purpose behind what we do to ensure we’re consistent within ourselves, and with each other.

Nick Mitzevich – Advice For Others

Nick feels creativity comes through confidence, brought forth by working with others, helping them present their ideas and constantly ‘checking in’ with our own barometer.

He encourages us to keep our eye on our view of life, and if you don’t like what you see – it’s time to change gears.

Contacting Nick Mitzevich

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