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Partner - Foley Durham Executive and Board Appointments & Founder - Executive Interview Coaching

Partner - Foley Durham Executive and Board Appointments & Founder - Executive Interview Coaching


Richard Elstone

Landing your next role

Richard Elstone is a Partner with boutique executive search firm Foley Durham.  He has more than 20 years' experience acting as a trusted advisor to boards CEOs and their executive teams in their search for hiring the very best talent across ASX listed, Private Equity backed and Private companies across Australia. Through his experience, Richard has reviewed and assessed hundreds and thousands of resumes, conducted thousands of interviews and has successfully appointed countless executives across the country. His new initiative, Executive Interview Coaching distils this knowledge into a series of confidential one-on-one sessions designed to give you the edge in your executive job search.

Great things in business are never achieved by one person. They are done with a team of people
— Steve Jobs

Show Notes

His Story – Richard Elstone

Richard Elstone has seen it all. He’s interviewed over 6,000 executives and come across hundreds of thousands of resumes. He’s the guy at the other end of the table in the interview for your dream job, but he’s also the guy in your corner of the ring as you pursue that dream job.

His career started in the late 1980’s, a time in recruitment where the only computer was reserved for the personal assistant! He had his own business for a period, before recognising that he preferred to work in a more collaborative environment rather than for himself. He worked across both Melbourne and Sydney, working with established practices, forging paths for recruitment firms in new markets and also operating in the boutique space. Richard currently works as a Partner at Foley Durham, who specialise in executive and board appointments.

Throughout his time in executive recruitment, Richard describes being disrupted from every angle. Whether it be a platform such as LinkedIn or internal firm recruiters – it is a continually evolving and dynamic space. He’s learnt a lot about building relationships, maintaining a network and forging both a personal and professional brand.

Executive Interview Coaching

On the back of this experience, Richard established his own practice targeted towards Executives in job or career transitions. Executive Interview Coaching is a tailored service providing ‘Resume, Interview and Search Ready’ services for those seeking new opportunities and also an Executive Talent Ready program to provide internal support and upskilling for those Executives changing roles.

Advice for Others – Richard Elstone


Richard believes in not only growing and expanding the breadth and depth of your network, but constantly ‘working your network’ in maintaining the connections you have.  


 First impressions count. A big smile, a firm handshake and a continual focus on staying engaged are imperative to building rapport with the interviewer.  

Richard strongly advises to never answer a hypothetical question with a hypothetical answer, rather try to relate experiences and achievements to demonstrate your value-add.

Preparation is key, even for behavioural interviews. Knowing which questions they’ll ask, knowing which questions you’ll ask and doing the right research is key.

The ‘tell me about yourself’ question is one that Richard has asked countless times. He feels the best answers are those that are three to five minutes long and focus on telling a story about yourself, rather than a collection of randomised experiences or achievements. He also advises to throw in a few personal anecdotes and details, to fully round yourself and provide a sense of balance to who you are.

Book Recommendations – Richard Elstone

Your First 100 Days In a New Executive Job: Powerful First Steps On The Path to Greatness by Robert Hargrove

Quotes – Richard Elstone

“With ten people around you, you can do anything.” - Abraham Lincoln

Contacting Richard Elstone

Executive Interview Coaching works with mid-to-high Senior Executives who are usually 6 to 12 months away from transitioning to a new pathway. Find out more about them at

 You can also reach out to Richard via his LinkedIn ( or check out his Foley Durham Partner profile at