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Samantha Brown

Get out of your own way

Samantha Brown is the CEO of JACK.  Samantha spent years working on cruise ships around Europe and America managing the entertainment department onboard. 10 years ago she didn’t even know what personal development was, or why she needed it.

Sam spent the last 10 years in the personal development industry managing speakers (including superstars like Arnold Schwarzneggar and John Demartini), creating programs and courses for experts in their field, and also as a student continuously learning. 

Today Sam owns and runs Australia’s biggest and longest standing personal development education company: JACK 

JACK runs events online, and also live in Melb, Syd, Bris, and Perth giving you access to world-class educators, teaching people how they can be the best version of themselves: personally and professionally.

Sam's vision through JACK is to be the catalyst for creating authentic individuals and leaders that push the boundaries, transform the world, develop their wealth and leave an inspiring legacy. Difference makers that play the biggest game possible.

What if I fall? Oh but my darling, what if you fly?
— Erin Hanson

Show Notes

Her Story – Samantha Brown

Admittedly, Samantha Brown didn’t know anything about professional development until 10 years ago. She dropped out of university three times.

Samantha worked across hospitality and entertainment, believing she didn’t need a university degree to get out there and make things happen. At just 21, she was appointed entertainment director on a cruise ship tasked with juggling 45 singers, dancers, musicians and creative artists! Managing people, managing schedules and managing herself for 16 hours a day for three months straight is arguably the best learning experience one can get.

She then moved into professional development event management, utilising those skills to run events, workshops and build relationships. She became fascinated with the role that professional development took in people’s lives, and wanted to help others have access to the self-awareness and development tools necessary for their success. She turned this passion into her mission: making professional development more accessible and better integrated in the lives of not just some of us, but all of us.

The opportunity to do this came when one of her mentors was selling a 13-year old business in the professional development space, and thought it might be a great opportunity for Samantha. Taking with her the experience she had gained from her previous trials and tribulations, she became owner and CEO of JACK, where she remains today.


 Samantha remains a student first, promoter second. She feels it is integral for her to continually learn, grow and expose herself to the material in the professional development space. As such, she has immersed herself in the content of all the JACK speakers before they perform, so she can come from a place of understanding and integrity to her audience.

She tells the story of re-branding and re-launching JACK under her vision and mission to change the face of professional development. This includes looking at what’s topical, what tools they need and which teachers can help her loyal community further their personal and professional goals.

Key Habits – Samantha Brown

 Being Decisive

As a business leader, Samantha comes across multiple micro-decisions and choices on a daily basis. She feels it is key to be decisive and be firm in our decisions, so as to move quicker along our paths and achieve grater heights more efficiently.

Advice for Others – Samantha Brown

We Are Our Greatest Asset

“Nothing we ever do or create will be bigger than we are.” Samantha believes we should invest time and money into growing ourselves – however that may be – to help us fulfil our ambitions. We’re the ones in our own way of achieving our goals, and thus it is important to give ourselves the tools and the tricks to make things happen.

Book Recommendations – Samantha Brown

The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman

Quotes – Samantha Brown

“What if I fall? Oh but my darling, what if you fly?” - Erin Hanson

Contacting Samantha Brown

Check out JACK’s website for upcoming events, workshops and content at

Otherwise check out Samantha’s LinkedIn at and stay tuned for JACK’s collaboration with The Mentor List in the special series to be released soon!