Scott Klososky - Where things are going

International Speaker and Author

International Speaker and Author

"The lion and the tiger are bigger and stronger, but the wolf doesn't perform in the circus"

"The wolf is not interested in the opinion of the sheep"

Scott Klososky

Where things are going

Throughout his career, Scott Klososky has stood on the nexus between technology and humanity. He has worked to define and help organisations discover the ideal blend of technology and human effort. He is widely recognised for his ability to forecast how technology will impact organisations, industries, and our world. He is the founder and principal at Future Point of View as well as a renowned consultant, speaker, and author.

Scott’s unique perspectives on technology, business culture, and the future allow him to travel the globe guiding senior executives in organisations ranging from the Fortune 500 to universities, nonprofits, and countless professional associations and coalitions. He has worked with organisations such as American Fidelity Assurance Company, Roche, IBM, General Motors, Georgia Pacific, Legrand, International Franchise Association, and Great Clips. He regularly speaks in front of major conferences helping leaders in countless industries improve the way they integrate technology into their organisations. He is the author of four books including his latest title Did God Create the Internet? The Impact of Technology on Humanity. 

Scott began his career fresh out of high school, where his job as a delivery boy was a springboard into the world of technology. He became division head of a computer sales division and then purchased it as his own company. It was eventually built into a twelve-store operation in three states.

His next endeavour was as founder and CEO of Paragraph, Inc., a Soviet/American joint venture founded in 1988, despite international tensions. Half of the company was sold to Silicon Graphics, and the other half is still expanding today (Parascript, Inc.).

Scott then collaborated with H.R. Haldeman to publish a diary of his years as an aide to President Nixon, which was a bestseller (Putnam Publishing), and involved Sony Interactive in the release of a book companion CD-ROM.

The evolving Internet ushered in a world of opportunity for inspiring pioneers, and Scott was not left behind. He was founder and CEO of, an early producer of webcasted media ranging from corporate and government communications to sporting events and entertainment. He sold in 1999 for $115 million. His expertise in leadership and his creative approach to business direction inspired Critical Technologies to hire him as a turnaround CEO, where he completely rebuilt the underlying products and brought the company to profitability.

My Story - Scott Klososky

Scott Klososky - His Story

Scott has always been intrigued by technology, teaching himself how to program and build computers from a young age. He’s been fortunate enough to live through the major technological transformations over the years, giving him perspective and insight.

He’s spent the last 25 years building and selling software companies, with a lot of speaking and consulting along the way. He’s learnt how to use software to win and exposed himself to digital maturity, technological transformation and software integration.

He’s come to understand and recognise where a business is going right or wrong from a software perspective, and demonstrating business leaders how to manage their technological strategy both internally and externally. As he grows older, his focus is toward the impact of technology on society and time spent trying to understand advancements such as artificial intelligence and cognitive computing.

Scott Klososky – Technological Trends 

Scott is particularly intrigued by the present of robotics, machine intelligence, the Internet of Things and the impact of ‘Smart’ devices in our homes, in our cars and in our hands. He also feels the impact of cybersecurity and organised crime is an ongoing and fundamental issue.

He speaks about the introduction of new technological products to the market, particularly their challenge to match price and capabilities with the market expectation surrounding them.

Scott Klososky - Advice for Others

In order to recognise certain behaviours and effects of his core attributes Scott tries to recognise his key strengths and capabilities and, conversely, the downside and negative tendencies that lead from them.

Scott Klososky - Key Habits

  • Stay informed and gain perspective by constructing a ‘river of information’ that feeds knowledge and perspective to you every day – whether it be through influencers, blogs or newsletters.
  • Find someone to be kind to every day by looking for someone that needs something to be done without any expectation.

Scott Klososky - Book Recommendations

The Road Less Stupid
By Keith J. Cunningham

The Road Less Stupid by Keith J. Cunningham

Scott Klososky - Quotes

“The tiger and the lion may be more powerful, but the wolf does not perform in the circus.”

"The wolf is not interested in the opinion of the sheep."

Contacting Scott Klososky

Reach out to Scott through his Future Point of View Website (, otherwise find him on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.