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Simon has a unique outlook on what it takes to be successful. He played 378 games for the Essendon Football Club, was Victorian and club captain, played in two premiership teams, and was selected All Australian on multiple occasions.

Not content just to be known as an elite athlete, Simon has continued to build his professional skills across a wide range of business and educational spheres:

Simon’s business career has included work in sales, marketing, media and information technology industries. He has held management positions helping build small, medium and large organisations to achieve their goals. Simon has been consulting into organisations since 2008. Some of Simon’s career highlights include negotiating a billion dollar collective bargain deal, establishing a landmark deal with an iconic Australia food/beverage manufacturer, and growing business with a government agency by several hundred percent. He is currently a Director on the Essendon Football Club Board.

Simon has an extended background in education and understands the tremendous difference that it can bring to individual and team performance. He worked as a teacher for 15 years, attaining the position of Vice Principal. Simon draws on this educational background to harness current research and real-world experience to educate and motivate teams.

Simon was President of the AFL Players Association from 1985 to 1989. A key role of the AFLPA is career development and welfare for literally hundreds of people. It was during this time that Simon developed a passion for people development. From this experience, Simon developed an empathy with people from all walks of life and despite his distinguished career, is still well-known as ‘man of the people’. Approachable and down to earth, Simon is equally interested in developing everyone from CEOs to junior staff.

Along the way, Simon has had television, radio, public speaking and presenting experience. He has continually been sought by business, government, media, educational and sports bodies for his views on life, business and sport.

"People forget what you said, forget what you did but remember how you made them feel"

Show Notes

His Story – Simon Madden

Simon Madden helps people to ‘get good and stay good’, something he’s managed to achieve himself in his illustrious footballing and business career.

Simon was an All Australian, a Norm Smith Medallist and an inductee in both the Essendon and Australian Football League Hall of Fame. Despite this, he feels it’s the struggle behind the stats that is most important. He was sacked as captain, underwent a knee operation, succumbed to multiple concussions and struggled for playing time in the early and latter stages of his career. In his words, you have to do the hard work to get anywhere in life.

Throughout 19 years of playing AFL, naturally you’re exposed to a variety of people, processes and challenges.

After initially making the transition out of football to a sales role in the IT space, Simon started his own consultancy surrounding sustainable high performance – shaped by his experiences in the game.

He noticed that compared to sport, holding people accountable wasn’t a big part of business. He believed it to be an integral mechanism to not only rectify personal behaviours, but also capture best practices and harness key strengths. Simon feels it is these attitudes, behaviours, choices and actions that make us successful. The world works on our interdependence, but it’s how we talk to and treat ourselves that is critical.

What we do is who we are. Businesses have mission statements and value propositions but what is equally important is the guidance to direct our personal lives. Simon has had a fascinating career understanding character, content and connection in shaping this.

Advice for Others – Simon Madden

Simon believes self-awareness and self-actualisation to be critical components to function effectively, and thus we need to take the time to assess ourselves and capture good behaviours.

He also feels we are overly critical on ourselves – there’s always a boss, wife or parent to do that job! Be honest and fair with yourself; it helps to make better choices and unlock continual growth.

Key Habits – Simon Madden

Simon thinks continually learning both within and beyond our specified fields to be critical – particularly in light of the changing nature of the working world.

Some of the key habits he employs on a personal level include looking himself in the mirror and smiling – which is key to reminding yourself of what you’ve achieved and being grateful for what you have.

He also believes it to be key to have five people in your life to talk candidly about your personal circumstances. Often individuals have surface level relationships due to the presence of social media, but it is these connections that help us explore personal growth.

Book Recommendations – Simon Madden

  • Catch-22 by Joseph Heller
  • The Big Mo: Why Momentum Rules Our World by Mark Roeder

Quotes – Simon Madden

“People forget what you did, people forget what you said but they never forget how you made them feel.” -

Contacting Simon Madden

Reach out to Simon via his LinkedIn page (, his Twitter (@simonmadden27) or on his website: