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Chiropractor B.Sc(Ex.Sc) B.Med.Sc, M.Chiro

Chiropractor B.Sc(Ex.Sc) B.Med.Sc, M.Chiro


Tim Robards - The Robards Method

JACK Personal Development Mini Series

Tim Robards has one of the most chiselled and recognisable faces (and body) in Australia and is known for his dedication to health, fitness and clean living.

Already a successful Sydney Chiropractor with his own practice, it was through his lead role on the very first Australian version of popular format The Bachelor that launched Tim in to the spotlight. This ratings winner on Network Ten was soon followed by a guest appearances on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, Seven Network’s Dancing With The Stars and Channel Nine’s rating juggernaut Australian Ninja Warrior. 2018 also sees Tim make his acting debut as the role of Pierce Greyson in the hit series Neighbours.

Born and raised in Newcastle and a successful model since his late teens, it was Tim’s love of sport and figuring out how things work that led him to study physics and then an Exercise Science and Rehabilitation degree. This background has given Tim a great platform to work from as he is now a Doctor of chiropractic. He is a firm believer that if you don't use it you lose it!

In 2002, and at 20 years of age, Tim transferred his Photonics (physics) degree at Newcastle University to study a Bachelor of Medical Science at Wollongong University, graduating in 2006. Tim followed this up with additional study at Macquarie University, where he completed his Master of Chiropractic (M. Chiro), graduating in 2009.

In 2015 after years in the planning Tim proudly launched his own fitness program, The Robards Method. TRM is about simplifying the approach to optimal health so people can live an inspired, fun and active life. The program isn’t just for elite athletes; in fact it is designed for people of all ages and fitness levels. Tim guides you through exercise, nutrition and diet to help you become the very best version of yourself. TRM is designed for both females and males and has had a very successful subscription level since launching.

Tim is also a favourite choice to team up with brands. He is currently an ambassador an ambassador for Handsome Skincare and previously worked with Deep Heat, Jeep, ALDI, Thermomix and Swisse and regularly works with fashion brands including MYER, Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein, Giorgio Armani, Westfield and Calibre.

Alongside his passions for health and wellness, travel, and fashion, Tim has appeared on over 25 Men’s Health covers around the world including Australia, USA, Germany and South Africa! He also regularly contributes to many health and fitness publications and makes appearances on Australian television.

In 2017, Tim released his first book The 7:2:1 plan published through Pan Macmillan Australia where Tim shares his nutrition and workout philosophies.

Show Notes

The 7:2:1 Plan
By Tim Robards


For a man who does so much in a so many different facets of life, Tim Robards has a tough time defining success in what he does. He noted that it is pretty simple, despite the complexities of what he’s involved in: doing what he loves and doing it well.

He speaks of Arnold Schwarzenegger as an icon who’s done the hard yards. He’s moved through the professions – acting, politics, sports and charity – and reached the pinnacle in each of them.  

Tim’s Transformation Journey 

Tim Robards seems like a refined product, but he’s been through his own transformation and investment to get there!

As a man in the public eye, he learnt both a lot about himself internally and amongst the perceptions of others. Personal development has given him a different lease on life, and a lens through which to tackle issues. 

Tim recognised that he’s a personality who likes to be liked, and came to the recognition that each of us portray our individual qualities and traits that best expose those.

He also learnt to let go. Let go of the desire for everyone to like you, and instead be confident in your values and understanding that others may have different values. 

Robards Method

On the back of his experience and expertise, Tim wants to share the growth that he’s been able to achieve through the creation of the Robards Method.

It concentrates on the movements (or lack thereof) we make in our everyday lives at home, in the office or on the sports field. It helps us to deal with the physical issues stemming from this, as well as leading healthy and happy lifestyles 

Tim wants to help us build stronger minds and bodies. He wants to dig deep into our underlying fears and hesitations and help us navigate our emotional ‘why’. He’s a big believer that once we find these values and drivers, we’re simply unstoppable.

Fast Five

In the fast five, Tim shares the insightful piece of advice from his grandma, his passion for cooking and the next venture he’s exploring in the wide world of Tim Robards.