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The everyday juggle of life is real.

Work–life balance is a myth!

Most of us today feel overwhelmed with increasing workloads and responsibility—at home, as well as work.

More and more high achievers (leaders, executives, and business owners) are surviving rather than thriving, struggling to manage the boundaries between our professional and personal lives. To make matters worse, we lack perspective to see how to make changes to do anything better.

Work–life balance in the 21st century is a myth. Work is part of life, not something we balance. Instead, we must learn to integrate our two separate worlds. We must learn to lead ourselves before we lead anybody else.

The strategies and stories contained within will inspire you to take responsibility for your own health, define what you really want out of life, and work towards your goals.

In three key stages, you will learn to:
1. Develop a healthy foundation of self-respect
2. Prioritise your self-care
3. Implement achievable self-management strategies.

It is possible to pursue your passion, achieve extraordinary success and build a great lifestyle. This book will show you how.

John Drury - Presenter, Trainer, Facilitator, Mentor and Author

John Drury - Presenter, Trainer, Facilitator, Mentor and Author

Recommended reading from John Drury

The starting point is self-respect, knowing who you are, knowing your strengths and weaknesses, becoming comfortable within your own skin, and building the confidence within yourself. The more that you are able to define yourself the easier it becomes to say yes to the things which reflect what you really want and to say no to the things which may be appealing but are not at the heart of who you are or what you want.