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Tony Crabbe


A Success Best Book of 2015

Business psychologist Tony Crabbe outlines a unique three-step approach to combating one of the modern life's great problems: being too busy.

BUSY is divided into four digestible sections-Mastery, Differentiation, and Engagement-that will teach readers how to switch from managing time to managing attention, how to transition toward a career strategy that doesn't hinge on productivity, how to think differently about success by re-engaging with what matters, and how to create the impetus, energy, and clarity to put all these changes into effect. Crabbe draws on entertaining psychological studies to show why we're getting it wrong at the moment and to develop a fresh new approach to taking back one's life from chaotic outside forces. Rarely has a book been more timely in both its scope and in its immediate impact.

John Drury - Presenter, Trainer, Facilitator, Mentor and Author

John Drury - Presenter, Trainer, Facilitator, Mentor and Author

Recommended reading from John Drury

Another book in this space that I would recommend is Busy: How to thrive in a world of too much by English psychologist Tony Crabbe, I found every chapter of this book helpful.