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The Mentor List - Recommended products.

The Mentor List - Brain Food

Be Kind to yourself and give your brain what it needs to thrive.  What you put in directly correlates to what you get out.

Each week I have the pleasure of interviewing some of the best brains in the world.  I get insight into some of their best tricks, tips and habits both on and off the microphone.  These three "brain food" products are examples of me putting advice into action.  I religiously take these every day.

I've found these products in combination with a strict planning schedule and exercise program allow me to achieve sustained periods of razor like focus and attention.

  • 2 tablespoons of Udo's Choice Oil - Gives your brain the oils it needs to function as the human body doesn't generate it on its own.

  • Krill Oil - Antarctic because it is as pure as it gets. Krill as its the smallest fish around and has the least magnesium which can be found in the larger fish.

  • Wheat Grass - Because getting up at 4:30am each day can be tiresome. Wheat grass is known for reducing fatigue.